Everybody’s Day is Truly for Everyone! - Kelly Cox

Everybody’s Day is Truly for Everyone!


Thomasville, North Carolina is rich with history, culture, and even known for festivals that are held throughout the year. “Everybody’s Day” is the town’s largest event that is held every September. Be sure to mark your calendar for September 29th so you won’t miss this year’s special day full of community fellowship and fun for all ages.

Historical Significance

Everybody’s Day is a timeless event that started in 1908, celebrating its 100th year anniversary last year. In fact, this event means that Thomasville is home to the oldest street festival in North Carolina! This festival is renowned across the state as an event that brings people together for entertainment, food, relationship building, and a good time for all.

Sponsorships and Community Involvement

Everybody’s Day is sponsored by Novant Health and other businesses including Piedmont Crossing, Pinnacle Bank, JC Greens, Thomasville Times, Rock 92, Crescent Ford, and quite a few others. Keith Tobin, President of Thomasville’s Chamber of Commerce stated that “We couldn’t hold this event without the invaluable help we get from our sponsors and the community.” Each year, businesses and Thomasville residents pull together to make Everybody’s Day truly memorable and something for everyone to enjoy.

Everybody’s Day 2018

This year’s Everybody’s Day hosts a variety of outstanding artists, vendors, and even some new opportunities. For example, there will be a brand new Community Zone, located on Salem Street.

This spot is where Everybody’s Day will highlight a variety of nonprofit groups including Cooperative Community Ministry (CCM) and the Children at Play initiative. These groups, as well as many others, will share with Thomasville residents about how they can both benefit and bless the community with their participation and help. There will be games for children and so much great info at the new Community Zone.

Additional locations to check out include:

The Main Stage

There is a packed schedule of entertainment that will be at the Main Stage this September, located on East Main Street. Be sure to come out and see the following artists:

·        Soul Central from 10:00-11:30 AM

·        Part Time Party Time Band from 12:00-1:45 PM

·        Jukebox Rehab from 2:00-4:00 PM

The Carnival Area

Families with children should check out the carnival rides that will be located next to the depot along Main Street.

The Gospel Stage

You’ll find the Gospel Stage across the street from the Community Zone.  Be sure to check out the artists performing throughout the day!

The Community Stage

You’ll find this stage at the Gazebo, hosting local artists. The music will start at 10:00 and you can look forward to hearing Donna Hughes, Hotwax and Splinters, Black Kanoy and Keith Byrd.

Still Taking Vendor Applications!

 The Chamber of Commerce has had an amazing response to the call for vendor applications for this year’s event. There are still a few spots available, and you can find out more info here about how to apply.

Building Relationships and Fostering Strong Community

Everybody’s Day is an event to be enjoyed, cherished, and celebrated by all! Don’t miss this year’s big day on September 29th that is scheduled from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Be a part of the entertainment, delicious food, carnival rides, local crafts, and enjoy building new relationships, while strengthening old ones. See you there, everybody!

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A Walk Through History - Kelly Cox

A Walk Through History

Thomasville, North Carolina has an abundance of diverse and fascinating history. However, some of the intricate details of our city may not be well known to some of its residents and visitors. Ten years ago several groups came together to change that and created three walking tours that help showcase the town’s beautiful history, both past, and present.

Tour Guide Phone App

The Thomasville Tourism Commission worked diligently to get the word out about these historical walks. They included tour information in both print and online versions of the Visitor’s Guide. Then they realized that if you didn’t have the guide in hand, you weren’t able to enjoy a walking tour on a whim.

Jarrod Dunbar, the Tourism Director, contacted the library, asking them to partner with him on a project to get the info on the library website and to create a tour guide phone app. Joy Cecil-Dyrkacz with the Thomasville Library was extremely instrumental in putting this all together for the town.

The three walking tours are steeped with historical significance about Thomasville and are known as The Church Walk, The Commerce Walk, and The Historic Homes Walk. Each tour is a little under a mile long so they are fairly easy to endeavor.

The Church Walk

This tour route passes a number of former churches that served as temporary hospitals during the Civil War and a variety of historic buildings along Randolph Street. Thomasville is a part of the North Carolina Civil War Trails program because the town became a hospital center to treat wounded soldiers. During this tour, you can see both the cemetery where fallen soldiers were buried and a marker that explains more about Thomasville’s involvement.

The Commerce Walk

The Commerce Walk allows you to take a stroll past several downtown businesses. Some of the sights that are well known include the clock tower, the Big Chair, and a few painted murals.

Another site that is a true asset to the Thomasville community is the Hunter Family Amphitheater, located in PACE Park. There was quite a bit of effort that went into creating this landmark. A citizen-led organization known as the PACE Group works to continuously improve Thomasville. During the 1990’s, they bought land and built the amphitheater and Farmer’s Market which are both parts of PACE Park.  

The Historic Homes Walk

The architecture on this tour is truly something to behold! Whether you fancy the unique look of the Peacock Home or the stately appearance of the columns found on the J.T. Strickland Home, you’ll want to check out the beautiful homes along Salem Street. The Kress Home, located at 125 Salem Street, is very attractive with an airplane bungalow style. The Kress family owned this home in the early 1920’s and owned a clothing store in downtown Thomasville.

Taste a Bit of History

There is so much to learn, see, and do in Thomasville. Take an opportunity to check out one of the historical walks, visit a few downtown shops, and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a meal at a restaurant that you’ve never been to. Be a part of history and dive into the culture of Thomasville where you are sure to find beauty, variety, and unique treasures that are meant to be enjoyed.

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