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Murals Of Thomasville

A brick of many faces

Walk along the streets of Thomasville and set your sights towards the rich history, notice the painted murals that have fallen upon those very bricks that have built the town you happened upon… Grab your camera, close your eyes and imagine the backdrop that will soon become your reinvented art. Thomasville is a destination for all picture takers and artisans. Around every corner you will discover painted bricks, rusty rails and alleyways. Your imagination is a canvas awaiting your personal touch and within these structures your abilities begin to come alive…..

As you visit these murals today, we may find ourselves very curious of the stories once told as the bricks turned to what they are today. Information can be found here , where many speak to the history of these murals.

Today Thomasville is thankful for the passion the Thomasville PACE Committee, Beautification Committee, City of Thomasville, mural artist Dana Holliday, and others have put fourth with the restoration and preservation of these murals. These community members continue to work towards the common goal in keeping our downtown a unique place to visit.

You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at the picture for a second and think of it all your life.”
— Joan Miro

Cates Alley

This painted sign recently retouched by mural artist Dana Holliday pays homage to Margaret Cates who donated this property to the City of Thomasville. 

Children's Baptist Home

Mural by Phil Christman

Wisteria at Newbridge Courtyard

Wisteria vine painted by Dana Holliday.

Old Main Street 

Mural by Phil Christman

Roots of Thomasville

2014 Mural by Dana Holliday - Second Phase of Chair City Art campaign.

Located at 2 W. Main St., next door to City Hall

Old Train Depot and Mock Hotel

1993 Mural by Phil Christman depicting the old train depot in Thomasville and the since-departed Mock Hotel. 

The Big Chair & Tulips at Salem Street

This mural was painted by the very talented artist Dana Holliday pays homage to Thomasville’s Original Big Chair 1922-1936.


Hear from PACE on how they played a key role in breathing life into the historic district.

Since 1993, PACE of Thomasville has commissioned several mural art pieces around the Historic Downtown Thomasville district. Thomasville has long been an industrial city steeped in textiles, furniture and in agriculture, tobacco. Before the 1960s, the historic district was a bustling, beautiful area with beautiful architectural façades and economic life. With the fall of these industries, the city's center also suffered.  

Beautifying the city for not only residents, but as a tool for tourism and cultural heritage, PACE, the Beautification Committee and other city agencies have worked to rebuild and re-energize our city with limited financial resources, and with persistent volunteerism. -PACE


See what’s next and learn all about Dana Holliday’s vision, learn how the community has a voice with the proposed mural called, “Make Change, Get Involved”. The chance for involvement and community participation is welcomed by the Beautification Committee, Dana Holliday and Justeena.

“Make Change, Get Involved” has been adopted for the title of a new mural that will wrap around to Winston Street

“Make Change, Get Involved” has been adopted for the title of a new mural that will wrap around to Winston Street

Once again, much attention has been set fourth to the uniqueness and continued efforts of the Beautification Committee. Welcome to the beginning stages, as they join hands on this new project that they have set their sites on. Welcoming the help of many, Dana Holliday and a dedicated high school student named Justeena, all together they will embark on another journey.

This journey will include the new addition of the “Make Change, Get Involved” mural. This mural will find its new home on the south side of this Trade Street building and will wrap around to the backside of the building. It will be a blue background while embracing vibrant colors. Easily viewed from the windows of the Visitors Center, embracing Justeena and Dana Holliday’s talents. Those on Winston Street will grab their chance to see the backside of this mural another collaboration that will face the police department. How exciting for a local Thomasville student to be placing her brushes upon this building alongside such a well versed artist as Dana Holliday. All this made possible through the one thousand dollar grant offered by Arts Davidson County. As well as the financial support of the Beautification Committee and the assistance of the City of Thomasville. The arrangement of this team will assure a beautiful mural to add to the collection that stands today.

Dana Holliday, Mural Artist    Dana Holliday is a North Carolina mural artist. She specializes in residential and commercial murals.

Dana Holliday, Mural Artist

Dana Holliday is a North Carolina mural artist. She specializes in residential and commercial murals.

Mural Artist - Dana Holliday

Mural Artist - Dana Holliday

Thomasville acquired a real gem when Dana Holliday placed her brushes and creative art upon the bricks that form some of Thomasville’s historic buildings. Dana also refreshed some of the original murals breathing new life into them. Today, Dana works closely with Arts Davidson County and the Thomasville Beautification Committee, loving her community while enjoying all the revival that has taken place.

Salem Street is home to an original mural created by Dana and pays tribute to the heritage of Thomasville’s original Big Chair dated back to 1922-1936. The Big Chair welcomed its community and visitors many years ago. Since then has been replaced, due to its inability to withstand weather conditions by the current chair that stands in its place, not constructed of wood.

Mural Artist - Dana Holliday

Mural Artist - Dana Holliday

The Beautification Committee in motion.

Mural Artist - Phil Christman

Mural Artist - Phil Christman

Pepsi - Cola * Mural Artist - Phil Christman

Pepsi - Cola * Mural Artist - Phil Christman

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While the end products—the works of public art—are always beautiful, their deeper value lies in the conversations we create, the connections we build, and the legacy of relationships we foster along the way, often with transformative results.

We can all agree these works of art bring out the voices of the community, abilities and create unity. As these bricks form the buildings around us, these murals form the creative nature within us. Yesterday there were stories to be told. Today there are memories to be created. Thomasville welcomes you, to a city filled with painted bricks, rusty rails and alleyways. Walk among the old and new, paint your creative canvas while capturing these hidden gems enveloping your next backdrop.

For more information on the murals of downtown Thomasville please visit the Visitors Center

A great big thank you goes out to those with their continued dedication to the city of Thomasville

- Doreen Levers